To submit your items please email them to SUBMIT@NOIHSAFBAZAAR.COM. Please send ONE item PER email and put in subject line which channel it belongs in (bazaar, vintage, kiddos, home, men, active, or A&J).

Once your item is sold please PayPal $3.80 to the email via the Goods & Services option and include in the PAYPAL notes your IG handle and item that sold.

Examples of items we accept are below:

@Noihsaf.Bazaar: NO FAST FASHION. Examples of lines Noihsaf Bazaar would post would be: Black Crane, Rachel Comey, Milena Silvano, Babaà, Ilana Kohn, MNZ, etc. Although the emphasis is on smaller lines, well-made in season basics from Madewell, COS and similar brands may be posted but very lightly.

@Noihsaf.Vintage: We will list well-made clean and kept and on trend items similar to styles on the Noihsaf Bazaar page. We will NOT list: Overtly retro items, undergarments, any bootleg or knock-offs, and nothing that is stained or need of repair.

@Noihsaf.Kiddos:  Examples of lines listed on Noihsaf would be: Misha and Puff, Ace & Jig, Mabo, Saltwater, Certain hand-made items, and clean vintage items that meet our curators aesthetic. 

@Noihsaf.Men: No Fast Fashion:  This site is focused on re-selling well-made American and European lines. If the item is from a local or online boutique it will happily be posted. Examples: Acne, Red Wing, Comme Des Garcons, A.P.C, etc. Please note: luxury items from Jcrew & Madewell be accepted on a case by case basis.

@Noihsaf.Active:  Noihsaf Active is a curated feed for buying and selling women’s outdoor & activewear, shoes, and limited gear. Smaller lines are the main focus on Noihsaf Active. NO FAST FASHION (Old Navy, GAP, Victoria Secret). Examples of lines Noihsaf Active would post would be: Outdoor Voices, Patagonia, Girlfriend Collective, etc.

@Noihsaf.Beauty: Noihsaf Beauty only accepts NEW apothecary products, perfume, and makeup. Items accepted will be from products that fit with the current Noihsaf’s aesthetic. Boutique and natural lines will be preferred. Please note USPS does not ship flammable liquids (including perfume).

Item’s will only be accepted if:

  • Non-expired (must be sold within 5 months of original purchase)

  • Exterior is legible, clean, and undamaged

  • Not Tested on animals

We will not accept the following:

  • Used makeup and body products (even “swiped” or “tested”)

  • “Fast Fashion” brands

  • Items that have no label

  • Samples for sale

@Noihsaf.Beauty requires its own submission form. Please use the one below when submitting your item:

Beauty Submission Form:






EXPIRATION DATE (If applicable):



@Noihsaf.Home: Noihsaf Home is a curated feed for buying and selling housewares such as art, kitchen items, textiles, books, etc. AND one of a kind finds. Items made YOURSELF will not be listed on noihsaf home. 

@Noihsaf.aceandJig:  Noihsaf Ace & Jig  is a curated feed for buying and selling Ace & Jig women’s apparel only.To submit your items please fill out the submission form below and include images of item(s) in the BODY of the e-mail. Please send emails individually and include which channel the item is for in the subject line (bazaar, kiddos, active, etc)


(use for the form below for bazaar, vintage, A&J, men’s, active and home submissions)










PROTOCOL: Please tag me and leave your zip code to purchase. Item goes to the first zip code listed. Please DM me your PP email so I can invoice you.  The listed price includes Paypal Invoicing. PLEASE NO GIFTING. If there are backups for this item I will move onto them after 3 hours of sending invoice. HASHTAGS (#nb__):


Items will be listed within 36 hours of submitting. Items denied will get an email response with a reason code of why. 



Please include images of the material and brand tag. Images MUST be your OWN. NO stock images allowed.

Please include your images in body of email and not as a separate attachment. 1-2 MB is about the right size and please make sure your images are either all in "landscape" or "portrait" form; not a mix of both.

Images must be a clear depiction of the item. If you would like to show more angles of said item, please include multiple photos. Be sure to photograph where there is plenty of natural light; photographing in daylight greatly improves your images and corresponding sales. Lower light often creates blurry and off color images and the quality of the image affects whether or not I post an item. Creating a clean background for your images also makes your item more appealing. Hanging or folding your items against a white surface or solid colored background will make your items stand out. And lastly, please make sure your items are CLEAN and IRONED. 

 I'm keenly aware of the time it takes to submit pieces to Noihsaf, so again- THANK YOU!!!


You just sold your first item, now what? The seller is responsible for sending a PayPal invoice to the buyers email. This can be obtained through the Direct Messaging (DM) feature on Instagram. Please DM the buyer for their PP email. The buyer needs to pay the seller within 3 hours or they can move on to any backups. The transaction is now the responsibility of the seller to follow through and ship the item. 


SELLERS NEED TO SHIP THEIR ITEMS TO BUYERS WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS. All sellers need to email buyers tracking information once shipped. Every single buyer should have the tracking number in their hands once the item is shipped. This does not apply to international orders.


Items will only be re-listed after 2 WEEKS and ONLY if there was a lot of interest in the original post. Please take a new photo of the item you would like re-listed. 



All sales are final and sellers are responsible for all taxes and fees