artwork by    peter witrak

artwork by peter witrak

If you’ve never heard of Noihsaf Bazaar, prepare to become obsessed. Minnesota-based stylist Kate Lindello created the account to serve as a platform for Instagram users to sell their own items, rather than create a shop of her own. The result? A beautifully curated selection of cool girl fashion finds.
— Nylon Magazine

the scoop

Noihsaf Bazaar is a curated Instagram based shop that focuses on re-selling independent and boutique designers.

Noihsaf now offers channels for vintage, mens, kiddos, active wear, and home goods! See all our channels in the “Selling” section.


Noihsaf Bazaar was created in 2013 by its founder Kate Lindello. Born out of the need to re-sell a pair of Rachel Comey shoes, Kate created the Instagram handle and started listing some of her other designer goods on the site. Soon others requested to sell their own items and a community was born.

If you would like to sell or buy through Noihsaf’s channels please read through our “selling and buying section” guides on this site.

PS. NOIHSAF is FASHION backwards


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