To purchase an item off of any Noihsaf feed, leave your ZIP code in the comment section and tag the seller. The first zip code to be left will “win” the item. The seller and buyer will then "DM" (direct message) to confirm sale and the buyer will let the seller know their Paypal email. The seller will then send the buyer a Paypal invoice.

We like all transactions to be done using Paypal via the Goods and Service Option. This allows buyers to be protected through Paypal’s insurance if there any mishaps. Those who use Venmo or “gift” through Paypal will NOT be protected and thus will not receive compensation if something goes awry.

If the buyer leaves a zip code, but has a question on the said item, the question will be honored and the seller must respond in a timely manner. The buyer then must reply to the seller within a timely manner or the seller has the right to move on to backups. “Picture on” is not required by seller, and can be said so in the item description. Ghosting (leaving your zip and not getting back to sellers is not allowed, and those users will be blocked from the platform.

TIMELY MANNER- most buyers and sellers should be able to respond within 3 hours. This time window is up to the discretion of the seller and may be shorter or longer based on the interest in a given item (be thoughtful of overnight & time zone differences). Please be thoughtful and respond asap when buying or selling on any Noihsaf Feed.

If there are backups for said item, seller can choose to go with the backup if they do not receive payment from buyer within 3 hours of sending invoice. 

Buying Dont’s:

  • Please do not buy items to resell or trade.

  • Please do not bid on items - the price will be as listed. DO NOT DM OFFERS

  • Please do not “piggyback” on a post (offer the same item in the comments)

Thank you!!